About Us

Just Tants isn't simply a dance studio, but a way of living,
a way of seeing the world through dance
and getting to know and show oneself through it.

Our vision is to be a dance school giving high-quality, rich and original dance education.
Our mission is to support and value the development of students self-expression while growing up
to be caring and intelligent individuals.

Just Tants dance school values are creativity; care towards oneself, others and the surrounding
environment; accountability, respect and co-operation.

Our goals are:
• To support kids and youngsters through dance education
• Through dance technique and creative dance broaden the students minds
• To support students on the development of their etical, aesthetical and emotional way of
thinking and to guide them in their search for value judgments
• Through self-expression raise students self-confidence
• To offer students the possibility to discover their creative ability
• To provide dance education that allows to continue dance studies on a higher level